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proasp_howto thread: VBscript to run Access report and return results to page

Message #1 by "George Mizzell" <gmizzell@b...> on Wed, 8 Mar 2000 5:12:19
I think this is, what seems to be a simple thing, but can't find anyway to 
do it.

I have data access pages built on Access 2000 and they work fine for 
entering the data.  I have Access 2000 reports built to analyze the data.  
What I need is a button on the data access apge that has the script that 
will execute the access report and return the results as an HTML web page.  
Naturally I can have the web hyperlink to a html page by runnig the report 
manually, saving as word file, opening word and resaving as HTML; but this 
seems rather dumb to do.  Since MS didn't have the foresight to include a 
macro recorder in Access like the other office products, I have not been 
able to find out even what the objects are that need to be used to do this 
and certainly not a clue on what the code would be.  For the last several 
days I have had this request posted on the MS Access programming 
newsgroups, but apparently this subject is way outside of their expertise 
because no one has even responded.  So upon receiving my Professional 
Active Server Pages 3.0 book, I looked for what the subject would be and 
did not find it yet (I didn't find it in 2.0 either).  I really need a good 
jump start here.

Can anyone help???

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