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proasp_howto thread: Remote ASP Debuggung with Interderv - Slow :-(

Message #1 by "Vano Chachanidze" <vano.chachanidze@s...> on Thu, 9 Mar 2000 11:18:22
When remote-debugging ASP, a second inetinfo process is started and is run
in the mtx context

This allows other clients to connect to the web server while you are
debugging a particular page.

This is a resource intensive activity, although 5 mins seems a unusually
Have you set the page you are working on as the debug start page. If not you
may be executing from the beginning of the web application

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From: Vano Chachanidze 
Sent: Thursday, 9 March 2000 21:18
To: How To
Subject: [proasp_howto] Remote ASP Debuggung with Interderv - Slow :-(

Hi all,
I am trying to debug an ASP on our Intranet server using InterDev and
it is really slow - it takes about 5 minutes for the page to get 
When I do "view in browser" for the same page, the response is almost 
The server is running NT4 SP6 with 64 megs of RAM.
One thing I have noticed is when I am debugging ASP, the that server is 
running two instances of MTX.exe and one of them is using 98% of CPU.
any ideas ?

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