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proasp_howto thread: ASP and FrontPage

Message #1 by "Richard Bauer" <owowo@f...> on Wed, 15 Mar 2000 14:53:56
All I can say is GOOD LUCK.  I finally gave up and bought DrumBeat 2000 to
create my ASP code.  After many postings to many sites, no one ever
responded to ASP/FP questions.  So I wish you luck

George Mizzell

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From: Richard Bauer [mailto:owowo@f...]
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 2:54 PM
To: How To
Subject: [proasp_howto] ASP and FrontPage

I remember a comment by ??? about this book and Frontpage in the
microsoft.public.frontpage.client newsgroup.  I bought the
book and am looking for help in it.

I have an Access database with a table with an OLE object picture and a
hyperlink to the picture (jpg file).  I want to use a Frontpage database
results form to show some of the Access table data and table picture.  For
the OLE object the results are [#BINARY#] and for the hyperlink the
are http://etcetc.jpg.  I want the results to include the picture.

The frontpage code for the hyperlink is:

<!--webbot bot="DatabaseResultColumn" startspan
      s-column="PictureOne" b-tableformat="FALSE" b-hasHTML="FALSE"
      bot="DatabaseResultColumn" i-CheckSum="28284" endspan -->

any ideas?

Richard Bauer

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