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proasp_howto thread: ObjectContext Object

Message #1 by RalphPorter@I... on Wed, 29 Mar 2000 19:23:30
Hi guys,

Just started reading proffesional active server pages 3.0 (great book by 
the way), Ok I've got as far as page 34 and now I'm a bit confused, can 
someone explain to me in idiots terms what the objectcontext object is. My 
understanding is that this is a way of referencing the ASP objects 
(Request,Response etc etc) from components or code external to my page. In 
essence I don't understand it or its purpose, but dare not read on until I 
do! I guess you're probably thinking why the hell didn't he start with a 
more basic book! well in my defense I do program for a living and have used 
VB on and off for a few years, I figured I would probably get on Ok 
starting a little way down the road, my mistake! Anyway if you can help me 
I would be eternally grateful, and have no hesitation in asking my next 
stupid question <g>

Best Regards,


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