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proasp_howto thread: print screen

Message #1 by "Phil Perks" <philp@w...> on Fri, 9 Jun 2000 14:9:59
-----Original Message-----
From: Karen [mailto:karen@c...]
Sent: 09 June 2000 12:50
To: 'support@w...'
Subject: print screen

hi there

I have been using the asp 2.0 bookm to look up useful references to help me 
solve this problem...

so far i have found several links unworking (as they do change from time 
time) and i wondered if you could point me to any useful ref., qanda, 
 sites, or even answer my query yourselves?

I have created qn html file including java\script to drop and drag an image 
onto a target (grid)

 ow i woldlike to email this final grid...

I can  identify 2 ways....

print screen				but how do you cause a print sacreen button press using 
copy to paint				but how do you launch this application from an html/asp 
save as bmp				
email attached bmp file

identify the drop and drag co ords	presumably using data.event/ 
event.cords.x/y   but what does the code look like?
identify the drag/drop image		how?
send the cords and the image
recreate the grid on arrivalof email	but how?

I would be very gbvratefl fore your cooperation over these problems


Karen Kurg

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