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proasp_howto thread: ASP 3.0 help

Message #1 by "Phil Perks" <philp@w...> on Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:0:28
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Sent: 20 June 2000 06:35
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Subject: ASP 3.0 help

Dear Sir,

    My name is Damodar Avadhani from Mumbai (India).

    This is with reference to solved Examples of your

    I have IIS 5.0 installed in my PC 
(Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional)

    I seem to be getting the following error when i try 
to use Logging Utility Component:
     Error Type:
     /kiran/ch06/loggingutility.asp, line 30
     This line is:
objLogUtil.OpenLogFile "extend#.log", ForReading, "W3SVC", 1, 0

      The previous line to this is:
Set objLogUtil = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.IISLog")
     To check whether the Object objLogUtil was created,
i introduced the IsObject Method and found it to be successful.

     I would sincerely appreciate if you could throw some
light on why the above mentioned error occured.

     I would also like to indicate here that i have performed
all the prerequisites for this component to run.
i.e. 1) To ensure Anonymous access for loggingutility.asp is
     2) To make the requisite changes for the Properties of
        the Default Web Site as mentioned in your book.

     Looking forward to your Reply,

                                            Regards, Damodar. 

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