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proasp_howto thread: One variable and many pages

Message #1 by "Phil Perks" <philp@w...> on Mon, 26 Jun 2000 22:8:47
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From: Luiz Augusto - GDO [mailto:lagf@t...]
Sent: 26 June 2000 15:49
To: Feedback
Subject: One variable and many pages

Thanks for reading this and apologize my english.

My problem, I think, is very simple: 
I have a page where I put an input box named operator and it receives a
string value (operator's name) and an achor to the next page.
The operator calls this page once until the computer be turned off or the
application ending.

In the second page I say "Good (morning/evening/night), 
Who is talking ?" and  "Where are you talking from ?" with a select box
containing the valid locations. 
This page is the begining of my support and, after every support, an 
page is shown with a script saying "Thank you for calling and have a nice
day" with an achor that returns to the second page when clicked.  

The problem is: Session does NOT work for input  box operator, when I back
to the begining of support there's NO Session("operator"), no 
NO Response.Write, nothing ...

Between pages,  the calling is made using anchor <a HREF= 
, </a> ...

If it's not clear enough, please let me know this

Oh!!! .... I develop pages using ASP+JScript

Thans for all, again

Luiz Augusto 

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