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proasp_howto thread: AW: Accessing COM objects hosted on remote machines

Message #1 by "Neethling, Dirk HTC/DE/EIC" <Dirk.Neethling2@h...> on Thu, 22 Feb 2001 12:21:05 +0100
Currently I use SVG by passing a recordset to a function which generates the
appropriate SVG code and writes it to a file, then I call the SVG file in an
embed tag like so:
<embed id="oCurves" src="../images/svg/<%=srcFileName%>.svg" width="857px"
height="488" name="SVGEmbed" type="image/svg"
Even with a COM module this method is slow since I'm accessing the
FileSystemObject. Is there a way to write a stream straight to the embed tag
from the SVG conversion function?
I'm convinced that SVG is a better solution than say an applet using swing,
but not with the current method.
Thanks, Dirk

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