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proasp_howto thread: Submitting large quantities of text in a form

Message #1 by Robert Illing <Robert.Illing@f...> on Fri, 3 Aug 2001 15:10:39 +0100
I think you misunderstood my intention.  I am not storing Word documents 
and their formatting in the database, but rather large HTML documents.  
Really, I need to store them there to make life easier for the users.  
Most of them are muppets and don't really understand the concept of 
directories and filepaths.  It also makes full text indexing much easier, 
and allows my users to generate shared content that can be displayed on 
multiple sites.

A user pasting a Word document into my content manager would retain 
formatting (I'm using <DIV contenteditable=true></DIV> to create a WYSIWYG 
word processor type environment), but would have an enormous amount 
of "junk" HTML.

I have found a solution to this problem though...  Antonin Foller suggests 
using a binary read from the request object.



> Rather than storing the data from the Word documents in SQL, you might 
> want to consider changing the form to an upload form, with docs stored 
> as separ ate files on the server with pointers and metadata in SQL.  The 
> pointers and meta data in the SQL table could contain information about 
> the file - location, date /time last modified, size, etc.  These data 
> would then be used by ASP for whatever use you desire.  In such a case, 
> use the FileSystemObject for file manipulation.
> An added bonus would be that users could save the Word file with native
> formatting and objects.
> This option is often recommended for binary files such as picture files
> . Even though some dbases can handle BLOB's (Binary Large Objects), 
> storing them in the dbase is often less efficient than simply keeping
> them as separate files.

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