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proasp_howto thread: Recordset

Message #1 by Liming Xu <lxu@t...> on Tue, 7 Aug 2001 13:57:56 -0400
there are allot of methods to page recordsets


i would recommend, keeping current id, and how many to show per page

the database or some server sided cache can be rehit for the data

At 02:50 PM 8/8/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>so if i don't put into the session as the other guy suggested, what is the
>best way to approach this problme? thanks
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Robert Chartier [mailto:rchartierh@a...]
>Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 11:46 AM
>To: Pro ASP HowTo
>Subject: [proasp_howto] RE: Recordset
>just make sure you realize the LOSS in ability to scale your applciation
>once you start using the Session object.
>not to mention the obscene load your placing on the server.
>At 09:09 AM 8/8/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >use getRows to turn your recordset into an array, then store it in the
> >session object so its available between pages.  Then all you have to dois
> >pass in start and end indexes, and display the records inbetween.
> >
> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Liming Xu [mailto:lxu@t...]
> >Sent: 07 August 2001 18:58
> >To: Pro ASP HowTo
> >Subject: [proasp_howto] Recordset
> >
> >
> >Hi, I'm implmenting an application which requires to show a lot recordest
> >say 20 at a time, like search engine in a way..
> >
> >I'm just wondering how do you keep track where u left off in the record
> >query from last page.. Is there any way to keep the recordset open from one
> >page to another and at the same time, in the second page i can pick up the
> >recodset cursor where I left off in the first page? thanks a lot

Robert Chartier
Author and Developer

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