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proasp_howto thread: Downloading and printing an image w/o letting users modify

Message #1 by "Alanna McCloskey" <dralanna@y...> on Wed, 8 Aug 2001 16:51:57
Well, you're out of luck on the Print Screen requirement, because users
always be able to hit that button on their keyboard.  I know of no way 
you can
prevent that.  The Java applet takes care of the rest of the reqs, alth
ough v3
browsers might hiccup on it - you would have to be really careful.  You
prevent caching on the client in ASP, which would force the image to be

downloaded each time, but every time that the user goes to the page, th
e image
would become resident on his/hers computer.  Best of luck...

"Alanna McCloskey" <dralanna@y...>
Wednesday August 8, 2001 12:51 PM

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Subject:  [proasp_howto] Downloading and printing an image w/o letting 

We need to have end-users print out an image from a Web site (i.e. a la
image of a certificate created on the fly). We need to follow the
parameters listed below because they are required by both the client an
governing body. We've already come up with a solution involving a Java
applet, but are trying to explore other options. Any suggestions?

1. Users should not be able to intercept and/or manipulate image via ri
click or File> Save As.

2. Users should not be able to capture 'Print Screen'  (to use in image


3. Image should not be able to be retrieved from Temporary Internet Fil
Folders or, if located in folders, should be in form unrecognizable to 
user .

4. Must be cross platform/cross browser (Windows IE/NN and Mac IE/NN
including older versions).

Thanks in advance.

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