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proasp_howto thread: Phone Messages with ASP

Message #1 by "Hugh McLaughlin" <hugh@k...> on Sat, 25 Aug 2001 14:16:07
> I fully get what you are trying to do, I have a project coming up in the
> next month that is very similar, but with service requests for a BMW 
> I have done a lot of research about this there are not may apps out for 
> and the one that are, are very pricey, I am in process of writing a TAPI
> application that uses a Unicode "V" modem (any modem with Voice in its
> name), and a SAPI Text 2 Speech Engine to process the Requests. so it is
> like a DAVOX DIALER, Where I am getting in to trouble is the number of 
> to Modem Issue. So I am going to incorerate a WAP based Systems, that 
> also Email there PHONE or PALM if they also choose to do so. Most of the
> code is in Visual C++ and in Alfa stage right now, But I will be willing 
> help you off line, Let me know. Maybe we can learn from each other.
> Tim Morford

Thanks Tim.  I would love to talk with you further offline.  My email is 
hugh@k...  I look forward to haring form you.

Best Regards,
Hugh McLaughlin

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