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security_asp thread: Re: firewall

Message #1 by "George Draper" <gdraper@c...> on Wed, 01 Aug 2001 09:21:56 -0400
Dear Dan,

    My machine blowed up so I didn't have access to emails for a while.
About your question about hardware firewall, well... I can't really say
who's the best because they are roughly doing the same thing...and generally
more money means more functionality and vice versa, that's all. Maybe go
check out the web site of www.netscreen.com and www.watchguard.com because
those two are relatively famous in the low-end market; and I'm really not
sure about others.

    I agree with George that firewall is the second important thing
comparing to the security of the sytem itself. Only a few dedicated veteran
hacker will try break your system using all kinds of bizzare, unthinkable
ways - most of them will just follow the Microsoft security board. And if
there is no commercially valuable data on your server then those elite
hackers won't be likely to spend days of sleepless time on your server. So
my idea is that any reasonable firewall is OK but make sure your system is
patched and customised (following the security checklist on MS website).



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George and Steve --

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your posts above. They are very 
valuable to me and I am printing them out. Thank you for taking the time 
to help me.


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