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sql_server thread: Too many Stored procedures?

Message #1 by "Jeff Mason" <jeffm@u...> on Fri, 26 Jan 2001 08:29:59 -0500
Is there such a thing as having too many stored procedures?

I am involved in a large n-tier SQL7 application development project and we
are well on our way to accumulating several hundred stored procedures.  One
of the project members said that he heard from a friend of a friend, etc
that having "too many" stored procedures suffered a performance hit.  I
don't know what this means.

Aside from the fact that the procedures are stored in a table, and that
table will grow in size as the number of entries increases thus slowing down
the access to any given entry a teeny bit, the sheer fact that the existence
of a "large" number (hundreds? a thousand?) of entries could have a
measurable effect seems somewhat preposterous.

Is there any truth to this vicious rumor, or should I try to find out what
that friend is smoking?

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