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Problems with converting a paradox DATE field to SQL Server"Hans van Herwaarden" <hhn@u...> 30 Sep
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creating DTS package in SQL 7.0"Nirav Pradhan" <niravpradhan@y...>224 Sep
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Trying to dynamically change the source column names when importing from CSV file"Geoff Freeman" <geoff@c...>324 Sep
Show deleted rows in dBase III with DTSstephene@d... 23 Sep
Using a Global Variable to specify a source column"Geoff Freeman" <geoff@c...>518 Sep
RE: Error: ""The transaction has exceeded the allotted time""Husein Abdel-Razeq" <abdel-razeq.husein@p...>117 Sep
DTS and Temp Table"emmanuel mendoza" <mendoza@r...>116 Sep
Transform Data / Sybase Stored Proc Error"Andrew Farran" <andrew.farran@c...> 16 Sep
Using global variables in activeX transformationsedward.watkins@h...105 Sep
DTS Export to a File"Jennifer Fleming" <jfleming@r...>104 Sep
LINKED Server Problems"bj" <mach46@l...> 03 Sep
Connecting an Excel Pivot Table on a Client Workstation to Analysis Server"Graham Meyerowitz" <mail@n...> 02 Sep