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vb_howto thread: load and unload ?

Message #1 by "JstMeHr4u3" <jstmehr4u3@h...> on Fri, 4 May 2001 09:51:16 -0700
Ok guys/gals, I have run into a dilemma.

form 1 is a search screen.
form 2 is a case list.
form 3 is a incident screen.

After searching for a customer on Form 1 they are shown a case list, 
Form 2,  for that customer.  If the present call has nothing to do with 
existing cases, they are shown form 3. But if there are no cases, 
nothing to show on Form 2, then I want to unload it and automatically 
load form 3. The problem I am running into is:

Form 1_Click event( actually command button but oh well )
load frmcaselist
unload me

form 2_Load event
if adoRS.eof =3D true then
     load frmnewincident
    unload me
end if

form 3_Load event
blah blah blah

The problem is that I cannot UNLOAD Form 2 when it is still executing 
the Load action from form 1. Is there a way for it to stop executing the 
load event on form 1?



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