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vb_howto thread: Standard Naming in VB

Message #1 by "Elaheh Najafi" <elahehny@y...> on Wed, 16 May 2001 09:04:36
I must confess I think the Hungarian notation is out of date, given the 
nature of public exposed classes and an integrated development 
environment. I can usually in an IDE do a ****F/F2 to see a type 
definition, and use CTRL/SHIFT/F2 to return back to my source. So I don't 
generally prefix a variable with anything indicating its type. (no BOOL 
blnSuccess declarations, just Success as boolean etc.)

What is important is the scope. I use g for global, m for module 
(including form and class, they're all code modules in this sense) and 
nothing for a local.

Also, prefixing classes with cls is not something I generally do, as I may 
choose to expose them later and don't want the hassle of renaming them 
again etc.

For parameters, I also never apply a p prefix or hungarian type prefixes 
to them, as any decent development environment can show me all that anyway.

TBQH I think there is a lot of scope for changing much of the standards 
that have been in place for a while at the moment; in my view, many of the 
ones I've had to adopt when working at different sites are out of date, 
and would have been useful if I was editing in notepad or similar, but not 
a powerful writing and debugging environment like VB.

Paul Bradbury,

Birmingham, UK

> Hi my folks!
> I need a standard  to  Codeing (Variable naming,Controls,Functions,etc) 
in VB.If you 
> have a standard or you know the address of standard Please Help me.
> Thanks in advance.

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