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vb_howto thread: RE: DLL version problems

Message #1 by Russell Alphey <R.Alphey@s...> on Wed, 2 May 2001 09:26:36 +1000

russell i guess ur registering the dll on the machine it is kept on
if u want to use on a network machine try mapping the network drive where the
dll is kept and then regsvr32 it

hope this works

Russell Alphey <R.Alphey@s...> on 02/05/2001 04:56:36 AM

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cc:    (bcc: Vishal Chopra/TMs/TCSSEEPZ/TCS)

Subject:  [vb_howto] RE: DLL version problems

Hoping somebody can help me here...

I've taken over the maintenance of an App that comprises an
EXE and a DLL. I'm finding the following occurs...

1. When I run the EXE source from within VB it *always* picks up the correct
(latest) version
of the DLL.
2. When I run the EXE from the desktop on my (development) machine it often
finds the right DLL.
3. When I run the EXE from other machines (via a network drive containing
the EXE & DLL) it rarely finds
the DLL at all.
4. If I "regsvr32" the DLL it generally fixes the problem on my machine, but
only occasionally on other
5. The EXE always reports back the correct version of the DLL upon startup,
but the failures happens when
I go to access a form held in the DLL.

According the the MS dox, the search order for DLLs is EXE dir, current dir,
System dir, path. However,
running the EXE from a network drive which also contains the DLL rarely

Nowhere can I find reference to the necessity (or otherwise) of
the DLL between compiles :(

Any help sorting this problem out would be hugely appreciated!!!

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