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vb_howto thread: Sndvol32 switches

Message #1 by "Ronald Budworth" <ronb@t...> on Mon, 21 May 2001 19:43:55
I need to adjust the record volume of a particular Device I.D. from VB.  I 
tried:  shell("sndvol32 /R", vbnormalfocus) which works OK, except only 
controls the default sound card.  Instead I need to be able to pass it a 
device ID and have it work on that.  In playing around I discover another 
switch "/Dxx" where xx is some numeric value.  I thought this might be the 
solution, but I can't figure out exactly what it does.  When xx < 10, it 
aborts.  When xx >= 10, nothing seems to happen.  Anyone have any idea 
what this switch does or how to pass a Device I.D. to SndVol32?

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