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Thread subjectAuthorRepliesDate
Updates"Reg Darby" <regdarby@e...>229 Apr
some chars disappear, when load a valid xml file??!"G. Murat Tasbasi" <tasbasi_gm@h...> 20 Apr
Recursive XML"Nikolay Georgiev Alexiev" <alexiev_nikolay@y...>219 Apr
XML to recordset: problems with time values"Phillip Johnson" <phillip.johnson@e...> 12 Apr
Problem populating database because of some characters in XML"kalpana" <krawat@e...> 09 Apr
tanya256"kalpana" <krawat@e...>109 Apr
XML to XML"Nikolay Georgiev Alexiev" <alexiev_nikolay@y...> 08 Apr
PARSER (very urgent)"Nikolay Georgiev Alexiev" <alexiev_nikolay@y...> 06 Apr