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vba_autocad thread: VBA Apps

Message #1 by "Darren Lees" <dleesuk@a...> on Fri, 9 Nov 2001 09:48:33
For me what has worked best was to create 3 buttons on a tool bar.  I use 
one to load the VBA files that I use a lot into AutoCAD, one to run the 
individual macro, and one to unload all of the VBA files.  In the first 
button that loads them I put the following:


then to run them I make a button for each individual macro using the 


then I also made a button to unload all of the VBA files (I almost never 
use this so you may want to skip this) using the following:


I hope this helps.


>>> dleesuk@a... 11/09/01 09:48AM >>>
this may sound like a daft question but...

once I have created my application within VBA what's the best way to 
it to a toolbar/dropdown.

The book I have on VBA doesn't really cover this aspect.

I have an idea that you load it when AutoCAD loads with 'appload' and 
use the toolbar/dropdown to hold the macro.....I suppose just like any
other macro.

Can anyone clarify and elaborate on this?

thanks in advance


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