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vba_autocad thread: Cancelling settings already changed

Message #1 by "Darren Lees" <dleesuk@a...> on Sun, 18 Nov 2001 10:59:49
Dear Anyone,

I am writing a routine that allows the user to choose which drawing size 
they wish to work in. This will set various system variables such as line 
weights, dimension colours and text heights, etc.

I am using option buttons to choose which style (and therefore, making the 
relevant changes).

How can I, having already made the changes via an option button, cancel 
any changes I have made by pressing the cancel button and reverting to my 
original settings.

Do I have to save the original settings prior to changing them...


	dim oldDIMDSEP as String


	DIMDSEP = ","		'sets the new seperator to a comma

...or can I store the changes I am making, only to have them implimented 
when I press the 'Enter' button?

Thanks in advance from a frustratingly inexperienced VBAer.

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