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vba_excel thread: Debuging worksheet

Message #1 by "mike kerr" <mikezcg@y...> on Fri, 25 Jan 2002 17:38:04
I'd like to take a stab at this, unfortunately I can't visualize the form or
what you are attempting to accomplish.  I do know you will have to have
VB/Vbscript experience to accomplish it.  Do you have any experience with
VB?  If not that just means it will take longer to accomplish the task.

I'd like to see the Excel spreadsheet, with some dummy data showing the
bolding and none bolding information you are referring to.  Once I can see
what you are referring too, I will have a better understanding of whether I
can help or not.  If I can't then maybe I can point you in the right


Crane Whitehead
Programmer / Analyst
Computing and Network services

 -----Original Message-----
From: 	mike kerr [mailto:mikezcg@y...] 
Sent:	Friday, January 25, 2002 11:38 AM
Subject:	Debuging worksheet

I have an income statement in worksheet2 that uses General Ledger accounts 
from sheet1.  

There are MANY G/L accounts and many lines on the Income Statement, what i 
do to make sure all accounts are referenced is Set the range NOT to bold, 
then dbl clk to each formula to select precedents. And check to see if any 
of the precedents are bold, if none of the precedents are bold i then bold 
all of them.  

I would like to write a sub that would :

1) select direct precedents of a cell
2) assign the number of precedents to a variable
3) assign all the cells ranges to an array
4) Check to see if any of the precedents ARE ALREADY BOLD, 
   i) if so Msgbox and debug print 
      a) the number of precedents and
      b) the address of the Bold cell and 
      c) what the direct dependents of that cell are.

5) If no precedents are bold msgbox "ok" 
end sub.

Sorry for the huge demand with any lack of code.  When I use the Macro rec 
and object browser and immediate window I AM LOST!!! this example would 
help me GREATLY to understand excel object model.

Most grateful.

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