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VB Interfaces and Scripting languages"Ian Cox" <coxian@b...>321 Jul
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return Type Problemhiya@s...111 Jul
DCOM is a bit temperamental works fine on and off, do you know why?"Ashraf Fahmy" <ashraf.fahmy@b...> 10 Jul
Beginner MTSFerdi Adrian <ferdi_adrian@y...> 10 Jul
SOS: Datacombo - How to display multiple columns?"Dave Xie" <xie@k...> 08 Jul
Help, how do you install MTS, I have NT workstation SP6a and I can't find it anywhere...!!"Ashraf Fahmy" <ashraf.fahmy@b...>308 Jul
communicating to more than one COM port same time"Jai Prakash" <prkjai@m...>208 Jul
DCOM without MTS, manual remote dll registration."Ashraf Fahmy" <ashraf.fahmy@b...>208 Jul
DCOM Over internet gives Error "The object exporter specified was not found.""anil upadhyay" <anil_private@y...> 08 Jul
Re: Dcom Problem"Bruce Norgan" <sbnorg@i...>308 Jul
Error 429: ActiveX Component Can't Create Object"Bruce Norgan" <sbnorg@i...> 08 Jul
OleServerBusyTimeout problem @ client sideriteshsompura@y... 04 Jul
Passing User Defined DataSource as argument to ActiveX Server"Victor Escobar" <VictorEscobar7@n...> 04 Jul
Re: How to use Connection pooling in oo4o (Oracle Objects for OLE)"Mukund Harne" <harnemukund@h...> 02 Jul
Re: Anonymous Access"Brian Baker" <bbaker@a...> 01 Jul
implementing an interface"Mike Kerr" <MIKEZCG@Y...>301 Jul