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vs_dotnet thread: Re: vs_dotnet digest: May 02, 2002

Message #1 by "William A. Sempf" <bill@s...> on Fri, 3 May 2002 08:19:18 -0400
Hi, Al.

> Im just converting to Visual Studio.net from the previous version, but am
> slightly confused as to what you actually get with it.
> I know that you no longer get Visual Interdev, and I think i am right by
> saying you get Visual Basic.net, C# and C++.

The biggest difference between programming under .Net and programming under
Windows DNA is that language doesn't matter anymore.  We don't write VB apps
with VB in the VB language, we just write windows forms.  Any language will
work because they are irrespective of product, and the tool is Visual

So what you get with Visual Studio is an IDE that supports 22 languages that
all do the same thing - program for the framework.  You get the ability to
create databases, Windows forms, Web Forms Mobile apps, console apps, DLL
files ... anything Windows uses you can build, in any language.

> But, I only intend to ever use VB, so couldn't I just buy Visual
> Basic.net?, or are there loads of other features that come with it??

You can buy a version of the IDE that just supports the VB.Net language, but
it is made for at-home hackers.  Professional programmers will find a lot of
featured missing - like many of the debugging features, data access tools,
and the like.

For the average programmer, I would recommend you upgrade your VB6 to Visual
Studio .Net Pro, which will run you $3-500 depending on where you get it.
check shopping.yahoo.com for a good price.  Then I would look into Wrox's
Effective Visual Studio.Net (1861006969) for a good reference to what you
can do with it.  Amazon has a great price on this ($34).


William A. Sempf MCP, CIBS, CIW
Paros Business Partners Senior Consultant
Author of Effective Visual Studio .Net from Wrox Press

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