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webhosting thread: Re: Webhosting list

Message #1 by alan@a... on Tue, 21 May 2002 16:14:46
Check out my posting "Best Hosting Ever".

> This list was originally set up for people to swap news of ASP and
> ASP.NET-friendly ISPs, i.e. ISP's that would allow things like custom
> components and servers side processing on their hardware, rather than 
> static content. However, it was never taken live, because the number of 
> providing such a service has burgeoned so much, it didnt seem as 
> as it was. Much of the actual business of deploying a web app, we now
> envisage being discussed on our "Going_live" list, where people can 
> other concerns to do with deployment, such as stress-testing,
> browser-compatibility, and suchlike. We didn't kill this list off, 
since a
> list that never gets mail is a pretty harmless thing, but simple 
> about finding a webhost seem a bit narrow, for most people. Let me know 
> you think I'm wrong.
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