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xslt thread: Merging multiple table declarations ?

Message #1 by Marra Roberto <Roberto@l...> on Tue, 17 Jul 2001 15:46:39 +0200
Marra Roberto [mailto:Roberto@l...] wrote:
> Matching a fo:table node, how do I read following nodes until 
> a condition 
> is reached?

You really cannot do what you are asking directly, but this is the way I
have done this in the past (thanks to some suggestions from Mr. Kay):

1. determine the position of the next node that matches the condition.  
	<xsl:variable name="nextPos" 
2. determine the position of the current node
	<xsl:variable name="thisPos"
3. Loop thorough each node with a position() between $thisPos and $nextPos
	<xsl:for-each select="table[position() >=$thisPos and
                                  position() < $nextPos]"/>

You may have to adjust the xsl:for-each select to get the exact nodes that
you want but you should get the picture.

PS: I don't deal with namespaces very well, so I removed them.  I'll let
someone else make a comment on that subject.

Kipp E. Howard - Sr. Software Engineer @ CourtLink
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