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xslt thread: XSLT Tool?

Message #1 by "Brandon Dexter" <brandon.dexter@b...> on Mon, 17 Jun 2002 18:45:32
> I work within a group that is not familiar with xslt. Are 
> there any tools 
> out that will allow us to open two schemas and automatically create a 
> style sheet that describes the changes? We have used XSLT Designer by 
> Altoeva but it is tedious and does not delete attributes and 
> elements, 
> just adds them. Thank you in advance!

I've seen a few tools, e.g. in Biztalk, Tibco, Excelon Stylus, etc that
work like this, but personally I'm not convinced by them. They make it
quick to define a trivial transformation but as soon as you want to do
anything remotely complex, like grouping or hierarchic inversion, you're
stuck. Buy the book and learn the language, it will pay off in the end.

Michael Kay
Software AG
home: Michael.H.Kay@n...
work: Michael.Kay@s... 

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