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jminatel June 6th, 2003 10:53 AM

P2P FAQs (updated Dec 12, 2008)
How do I get the new P2P discussion forums emailed to me?
Subscribe to the forums of your choice, and new messages posted to those forums will be emailed to you.
To subscribe to a forum, in the forum click the Forum Tools menu and choose Subscribe from the drop down.

There are so many forums. How do I see just the ones that have recent topics in them?
Click the Active Topics link in the left side menu bar on any p2p.wrox.com page.

Some of these forums are too big. I want just a few of the topics emailed to me. How do I do that?
Unlike a traditional email list, you can subscribe to individual threads (topics) within a forum in this system, getting those my email but not the rest of the forum. To do this, in a post/topic, click the Thread Tools menu and choose Subscribe to this Thread from the drop down.

Iím getting too much email from my forum subscriptions. How do I unsubscribe from the emails?
You can change your subscription preferences at any time.
  • For any forum/topic you are subscribed to, click the forum tools/thread tools menu and choose unsubscribe from the drop down.
  • If you are subscribed to several forums and topics, you may find it easier to manage all of your subscriptions from just one page. To do this, click the View Subscriptions link in the left side menu bar on any page. This gives you a list of all your forum and topic subscriptions.
  • Even if you are unsubscribed, you can still post to and read forums on the web.
What other forums subscription options are there?
  • You can change any forum or topic subscription from an instant subscription to a daily or weekly digest subscription
  • Prefer RSS instead of email? You can now follow any p2p.wrox.com forum in your RSS reader. See the RSS icon in the forum home page or category pages to grab the RSS URI
How do I post a picture, add a file attachment to my post, or add a picture avatar?
Only Wrox authors and technical editors can use those features. If you are a Wrox author or technical editor and don't have access to those features, contact your editor or use the contact us link at the bottom of each page to get access to those features as well as other exclusive author and editor features.

Iíve got an idea for a feature or improvement Iíd like to see. Who do I tell?
Post it in the P2P and Wrox.com feedback forum.

What terms did I agree to when I signed up as a member?
Please click the FAQ link at the top of any p2p.wrox.com page and click to see this.
Terms of Use Agreement for p2p.wrox.com Forums

I've got more Wrox, Wrox.com, or p2p.wrox.com questions, or questions about how to use the forum pages. Are there more FAQs?
Sure, click the FAQs link at the top of any p2p.wrox.com page for questions about Wrox, wrox.com, how to register and post messages here, and much more.

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