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CRSCoder January 13th, 2008 06:02 PM

VBA, VSTO: Activate Document
VS.NET 2005, VSTO, C#
MS Office 2003 (Word)

We have a project where we are customizing Word2003 using the above toolsets. To date much of the code that acts on the word template/docs is written in VBA however, an increasing percentage is being written in VSTO (C#).

We're currenlty having problems with having multiple documents open at the same time.

The documents are associated with a template. The template includes toolbars. There are three toolbars up at all times. Two of these are written in VBA, and one in VSTO.

My understanding is that the VBA runs at the application level, while VSTO runs at the doc level. If so, this may be the crux of our multiple document issues. Can you have both VBA and VSTO and still expect to work with multiple documents open at the same time? Is this just a matter of tracking down all the places in VBA where the docs are "Activated" and moving that code into VSTO?

My guess is that someone has run into this before and I'd really appreciate hearing how you solved the problem. We're leaning towards handling all the document activate code in VSTO, but we're not sure if that would resolve the whole issue.

Thanks in advance,

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