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akash_waits July 15th, 2008 08:26 AM

Making Infopath 2007 form browser compatible

I am working on Infopath 2007 template having two views. One is request creation and other is approval. But when i checked my forms compatibility with the browser i got the error "User roles are not supported.". I thought may be some problem with my design and i am using some rules in UI and code which are not compatible. Then i removed my code first then i removed all of my controls one by one and then even some of the images and at last i removed everything so just blank forms in both views. But still i was getting the same irritating error even with empty forms and no code.:(
But when i am creating a new project with empty template the its working fine.
Can any one tell me what is the possible reason for that?
I will be very thankful.

Akash Kansal

Anuma July 19th, 2008 12:34 AM


User roles are not supported for browser forms. Can you please verify that, you have added any roles in the Toolsà “User roles” window?

Remove the roles from user roles window, then save and close the form. Again open the form in design mode and verify it.

Can you verify the below link if you want implement user roles in browser form.


Anuma Reddy

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