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Naks January 24th, 2009 01:19 PM

Looking for Professional SQL Server 2005 programming Code
Where can I download the correct source code for Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming by Robert Vieira; ISBN: 9780764584343?
I downloaded the code from this site but its not the right code.

Thanks . . .

jminatel January 24th, 2009 04:34 PM

Naks: Is there something wrong with the code here:

for Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming by Rob Vieira?

Naks January 25th, 2009 09:28 PM


I don't see the source code for this book.
Some other books by Vieira have a source code chapter by chapter.
But for this particular book, I don't see it.

Thanks . . .

Naks January 26th, 2009 09:59 AM


I don't see any source code here http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/WroxTit...-DOWNLOAD.html

Thanks . . .

jminatel January 27th, 2009 08:06 PM

Naks: I should have done this earlier but I've split the thread and moved your question to the book's forum.

anyway, on the book's code download page:

the HTTP link beside the text:
The code for this title is stored in a ZIP archive. If you are unable to open ZIP archives on your computer, visit WinZip.com for a free trial.370.76 KB


is the link to the code. All the code and samples required for the book is in this one small zip file, because the download is so small, there aren't separate downloads for each chapter.

jminatel January 29th, 2009 02:08 PM

Naks: I got your email and I'm sorry I misunderstood your question. I'll have someone check and repost the correct code if it's somehow been replaced with the code for the wrong book. I'll respond here as soon as I know.

jminatel January 29th, 2009 04:32 PM

Naks: I looked at this code and it looks like it matches the book. The chapter names and sample names are the same as what the author is discussing in the book. I had another editor look to double check and he came to the same conclusion.

Is there a specific error in a specific code sample? Otherwise, I'm not seeing the problem.

cJeffreywang March 23rd, 2009 04:42 PM

I got AppB, Ch14, NorthwindSecure, OtherFiles, and SQLSMOSample folders only.

zozz December 13th, 2009 01:19 PM

AdventureWorks database Chapter 3
I am on Chapter 3 of this Book and can not find the Sample code for creating the Database AdventureWorks.
The only database included in the Sample Code is NorthwindSecure.

zozz December 13th, 2009 01:40 PM

Found Code for all who make their first stop here!



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