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EvetsM December 28th, 2009 02:03 PM

"Unknown Zone (Mixed)" Issue
Again, thanks Wrox for creating this forum for us.

I encountered an error and spent about three hours trying to resolve it before realizing it was my fault. I'm posting this here so that others might learn from the experience.

I downloaded the files related to the hidden frame GET example in the book. Everything worked fine. I decided to use them as the basis for some further learning so I copied them to a new directory under htdocs in the Apache http server directory. I tried running the application but data from the database did not display. Furthermore, in the lower right corner of my browswer, the "Unknown Zone (Mixed)" status appeared. I tried all sorts of solutions like messing with security settings within IE and the folders themselves, then I checked the Apache error log. It indicated a missing PHP file.

I copied the file to the new folder and the "Unknown Zone (Mixed)" status went away and everything worked fine.

Lessons learned:
  • "Unknown Zone (Mixed)" status can be very misleading.
  • Check your server logs early on in your troubleshooting process.
  • Be smarter than me and make sure you have all needed files.
Hope everyone can learn something from this.

BlinK_ July 11th, 2011 07:53 AM

Thanks. I had exactly the same problem. One minor file was missing and that is why I kept getting this message. Thanks for the fix. (:

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