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ttvu May 18th, 2010 05:03 AM

UTF8 problem in getting data from mySQL
I'm programming in Objective-C and use mySQL as database.
I added MCPKit Framework (to facilitate mySQL connection).
After successfully connected to mySQL, I had problem with data display on table view. My Vietnamese text don't display properly! For example: "Nguyễn Thị Hằng" appears as "Nguy?n Thị H?ng".
In AppleScript, I would easily include: --default-character-set-UTF8. What would be alternative way in Objective-C?

For reference, my code is as follow:

MCPConnection *db=[MCPConnection alloc];
MCPResult *result;
NSArray *theColNames;
db = [db initToHost:@"" withLogin:@"root" usingPort:3306];
[db setPassword:@""];
NSLog(@"Connect: %d", [db connect]);
NSLog(@"SelectDB: %d", [db selectDB:@"MySystem"]);
if ([db isConnected])
result = [db queryString:@"select BookName, Type, Author from tbl_Book"];

Many thanks for your soon reply!

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