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danielh June 22nd, 2003 12:09 PM

"DbPool" undefined error.
I get the error

"Microsoft JScript runtime (0x800A1391)
'strUnique' is undefined"

when I run the following code:

Inside the first file, named index.asp:

Inside "filename1.asp":
<script runat="server" language="JScript"
displayName = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME");
strUnique = "Hits" + displayName;
// Here, strUnique is clearly defined.
// Here, strUnique should be passed to filename2, because
I am using server.execute.

Inside "finename2.asp":
<script runat="server" language="JScript"
Application(WhichPageHits) = Application(strUnique)
// Here is where the error message is saying that
strUnique is undefined. This can be true only if it was
not passed from the filename1.asp, using "server.execute

Note: I have already tried using Server-side include on the second step.

Could it be that the variable was not passed because
filename2.asp was called through the sequence:
index.asp used Server-side include to call filename1.asp.
filename1.asp used server.execute to call filename2.asp.

Daniel Hutchins
Woodbridge, CA

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