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Kieuvietphuong April 19th, 2011 03:35 AM

Beginning Visual Basic .NETDatabase Programming
Dear sir
I started learning programming practice database in the book Beginning Visual Basic. NET Database Programming 2001 but I encountered some errors while trying to add records to the DataTable, and data binding between the text book into DataTable
I used Funtions

Public Function TaoTableDataset(ByRef strConnection As String, ByVal strTablename As String, ByVal _
                  strSQlorStoredProc As String, ByVal Bln As Boolean, ByRef dsDataset As  _
                  DataSet) As DataSet   
        Dim sqlConn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(StrConn)
            Dim da As New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter()
            Dim dttb As DataTable = New DataTable(strTablename)
            da.TableMappings.Add("Table", strTablename)
            Dim cmdTable As SqlClient.SqlCommand = New SqlClient.SqlCommand(strSQlorStoredProc, sqlConn)
          If Bln Then
            cmdTable.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
            cmdTable.CommandType = CommandType.Text
        End If
          da.SelectCommand = cmdTable
        Return dsDataset
    End Function

to created, fill dataset and shows up datagirdviews

      Protected MyBindingManagerBase As BindingManagerBase
      Protected dsData As DataSet
      Private Sub FrmDNCapThe_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
            Dim T_SQL As String = "Select * from [DLTHE]"
            Dim bln As Boolean = False
            Dim dsData As New DataSet
            Dim dttb As DataTable = New DataTable("DLTHE")
            dsData = TaoTableDataset(StrConn, "DLTHE", T_SQL, bln, dsData)
            dtgDuLieuThe.DataSource = dsData
            dtgDuLieuThe.DataMember = "DLTHE"
            MyBindingManagerBase = BindingContext(dsData, "DLTHE")
            dtgDuLieuThe.DataSource = dsData.Tables("DLTHE").DefaultView   
      End Sub

but the error occurred in: Binding_Control_Field_datatable()

Sub Binding_Control_Field_datatable()
        Dim dsData As New DataSet     
            Me.txtSoDN.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.SODN"))
        txtMaDVi.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.Madvi"))
        txtTenDVi.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.TENDVI"))
        cboLoaiDT.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.LOAIDT"))
        TxtSoLD.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.SOLD"))
        cboLoai_DK.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.LOAI_DK"))
        txtTuNgay.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.TUNGAY"))
        txtDenNgay.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.DENNGAY"))
        txtSoTien.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.SOTIEN"))
        txtVanBan.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.VANBAN"))
        txtSotien_Dong.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.SOTIEN_DONG"))
        txtSoDN.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsdata, "DLTHE.STT"))
        txtNgayLapPhieu.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsdata, "DLTHE.NGAYLAPHIEU"))
        TxtGhiChu.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.GHICHU"))
        txtNgay.DataBindings.Add(New Binding("Text", dsData, "DLTHE.NGAY"))
    End Sub

"Child list for field DLTHE cannot be created."

Pleased shows me mistake

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