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nathan613 May 23rd, 2011 08:14 PM

HTML 5 24-Hour Trainer
Assignment 6-1 is showing a growing disparity between what I'm inputting and getting back and what the book says will happen. I should preface that I have an IMac, use Safari as my main browser and have 10.6 OS (Snow Leopard) as my platform.
To review my last post, the instructions said to open in Textfile the downloaded code "new.html" and put in a quote from Thoreau after the <body> tag (bracketed with <p> and </p>), which implies other things are also present. When I opened new.html - it was completely blank - so I simply typed in "<body>", then <p>,entered the quote myself, </p>, and saved it. Now here is where it gets REALLY strange:
1) When I re-opened it from my saved file, not only the text was there but all the tags.
2) This had happened in Chapter 3 also, but I learned that if I did Open and checked off a box that said "delete enriched text" (or something to that effect) I got pure text. This did not work this time - instead when I checked this box, I not only got the tags but the entire body of new.html which is like 30 lines long and scores of tags (so why was it initially blank?) - and once again - no pure text output.
Are there any folks out there, Mac or not, that have experienced discerpencies like this? any ideas?

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