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MAtkins January 23rd, 2012 12:11 AM

I've been buying Wrox books since about 2002?

I've gotten pretty severely on your case numerous times for writing stuff that sent me on a wild goose chase.

I got a t-shirt & a mug from you once as a 'sorry -> thank you' for it.
Also, my complaints were fixed in the next edition of the given book.

I needed something that I could *depend* on to teach me the new stuff in VS 2010. I immediately went to WROX to find my book.

I bought "Professional Visual Studio 2010" and now I'm going through it now.
I've read reviews that say some of your examples in it don't work. Not the end of the World . . .

Overall, I've found your material to be more informative than your competitors for professional programmers.

Visual Studio 2012 is coming soon yes? I'm hoping you'll have a book on 'What's New' for us who have already studied this one.

Thanks Wrox for consistently publishing quality content on how to program professionally.

Hey, another t-shirt (large) would be greatly appreciated!! <big grin>

dzefting February 29th, 2012 10:01 AM

Visual Studio 2010 good but not quite good enough
I too have purchased the WROX Professional Visual Studio 2010, and it is a nice book. Well written, easy to understand, good examples but...

About half the time when I have a problem and go to look it up in the book, its not there.

I was building a dll and needed information on setting up the project settings, but there was nothing on dlls.

Then adding calls to the dll from another project, but there is nothing on the project settings on adding libraries, and on the compiler flags, and linker flags.

I am getting an error in the ManifestResourceCompile, but nothing on manifest or the batch processor.

So, good book for the beginner, but not quite enough for the professional.

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