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alan4100 February 1st, 2012 12:25 PM

JAVA code download for JAVA by Horton
I am trying to open 404140 code. zip I downloaded from Wrox Horton's Beginning Java 7th edition into Eclipse. I first downloaded it to file folder: Downloads. The subfolder is code 404140. zip. Then in Eclispe, I imported it into existing Projects into Workspace. I clicked archive and browse where the zip file is. But it hung there. The zip file seems not recognized by Eclipse Indigno.

What did I do wrong?

I have not bought the book yet, but I need to make sure it is accessible to my eclipse before I go further.
================================================== ==========================

I think what went wrong. I am supposed to use command line tools i.e javac from a shell window for this zip file. If I still want to put in Eclipse, I may need to add a project name to a filename.java. Then save it and run as java project.
What is a shell window? i dont think it is inside Eclipse. Correct me if needed.
I find this information in another book: Core Java.

I just ordered the book! Maybe it contains info I need.

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