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antoniops February 7th, 2012 12:08 PM

Content Control
I know how to insert a content control into the active document. However I would like to insert a content control into another one that is tagged "SomeTag". there are multiple content controls with this tag that I need to insert another one into.

I am assuming that I have to find the tag like this:

Dim strTmp As String, i As Integer, txt As Range
With ActiveDocument.SelectContentControlsByTag("sometag")
  For i = 1 To .Count
    strTmp = strTmp & .Item(i).Range.Text
    Set txt = .Item(i).Range
    With txt
    .Text = "Some Text" & 'InsertMy2ndContentControl &" MoreText"
    End With

I am reaching I know but any help would be appreciated.

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