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pagalvin February 29th, 2012 08:27 AM

Author's response to various comments and plans for downloadable content
All, I wanted to say a few words to the people disappointed in some parts of the book and explain my plan to erase that disappointment.

First of all, I am not making any excuses. It's clear that some readers are not able to successfully complete the walk-throughs. I was the primary author and I am ultimately responsible.

I do want to respond to some of the criticisms in a general way by simply stating that a tremendous amount of effort was made to provide a valuable contribution to the general body of knowledge around SharePoint, especially around the thinking process that relatively non-technical users should adopt when creating business solutions. I think that the book has done well in this regard, but that success is clearly overshadowed by problems with the walk-throughs.

Regarding the walk-throughs: I am making a firm commitment to review each chapter's walk-through in detail and produce the following:
1) Errata and detailed corrections as needed for each chapter.
2) A downloadable pre-built solution from www.codeplex.com.
3) To do a minimum of one chapter per week with the first chapter (chapter 3) ready by Monday, 03/05.
4) I will make every effort to complete the walk-throughs earlier.

I believe that this will help everyone be more successful with the walk-throughs.

I will update this posting regularly as I make progress toward this goal.

I appreciate all of the feedback I've received and I hope everyone continues to provide it with the same passion as they have to date :)


--Paul Galvin

pagalvin March 3rd, 2012 05:47 PM

UPDATE: Chapter 3 downloadable content and errata

As promised, I have completed my personal detailed walk-through of chapter 3. I have written up an errata and created a CodePlex project here: http://bizsolutionsonsp.codeplex.com/

The CodePlex project is a complete exported SharePoint site with the completed walk-through of all the documented steps. Future revisions of these CodePlex projects may take it further than that but I have limited myself, for the time being, to just the explicit steps in the book.

There is one key missing piece of information in this chapter's walk-through - the site content type for the HR Task descriptions. That omission makes it hard to complete the walk-through.

I have submitted the errata to Wrox and they are going to post it soon. I'll update this posting once I get word of that.

I and Wrox take this very seriously. Please continue to post here or email me directly (galvin.paul@gmail.com) if you have questions.

I will be tackling chapter 4 no later than 03/12.


--Paul Galvin

douwa_ishin March 25th, 2012 01:46 AM

Thank you for updating Chapter 3
Hello Paul,

Thanks for creating completed personal detailed walk-through of chapter 3. and waiting for detailed walk-through of chapter 4[:)]

Anyone who follows this detailed walk through,
When you download "HROnBoarding.export",
Go to SharePoint 2010 Management Shell->Import-SPWeb -Identity http://sharepointsiteurl/ -path C:\HROnBoarding.export (downloaded to C:\ )

You might get the following error
Import-SPWeb : Cannot import site. The exported site is based on the template STS#1 but the desination site is based on the template STS#0. You can import site only into sites that are based on same tamplate as the exported site.

Work around for the above issue is to Create a "Blank Site (collaboration) in new site collection or existing site collection and import into the site.

Once you import, then connect the site using SPD 2010, it will show you how Paul created the workflow (inc Lists, local variables,) Somehow, actions' references are broken. like

Step 2: Create Tasks
Set Variable: IT Task Description to [A76B2BC7-1831-451D-8531-8748F0050BEB]...

need to recreate items referencing from the book on chapter 3.

SharePointer March 28th, 2012 09:10 AM

Instructions Chapter 4
Hi Paul,

what about corrected instructions for chapter 4? It is really really frustrating trying to struggle your way through the chapters but never succeed... How can a book be published with so many missing insructions and mistakes ???

Please, could you re-write the chapters and post it here. Paid a lot of money for the book - for nothing...

pagalvin April 1st, 2012 04:35 PM

Chapter 4 walk-through
I've completed my personal walk-through of chapter 4 (for the 1000th time :) ).

You can get a codeplex project that has all the site columns, content types, lists and workflows described in the chapter here: http://bizsolutionsonsp.codeplex.com...ses/view/85322

Here is the "raw" errata for the chapter. The good people at Wrox will take it and put it up in the official errata section for the book as shortly after I get it to them (which will be a few minutes after I click "Submit Reply" on this posting.

Here are the "raw" unformatted errata for chapter 4:

Page 65: Before the section labeled "Helpdesk Category Codes", insert the following bolded text:
Create a new SharePoint custom list named "Helpdesk Status Codes. Via this new list's settings, enable content types (via advanced settings) and then add the content type you just created to it (i.e. Helpdesk Status Codes).

Page 65: For clarity, add to the following sentence the bolded text:
"Having created the site columns, add them to a new content type named Helpdesk Status Codes. Create the new Helpdesk Status Codes based off the standard Item system content type."

Page 66: Just before the new section labeled Helpdesk ticket, add the following bolded text:
Create a new SharePoint custom list for this new content type. Name it Helpdesk Category Codes and associate the site content type, Helpdesk Category Codes, with this new list.

Page 66: in Table 4-3, the text Additional Settings for the column name "HD_TicketStatus" should be changed from "See next." to the following bolded text:
Selects values from the Helpdesk Status Codes custom list you created earlier.

Page 66: At the bottom of this page (or before the following section "GP_Delegate", add the following bolded text:
Once you've created site content type, create a custom SharePoint list for it. Name this custom list "Helpdesk Ticket".

Page 67: In table 4-4, the Column name should read GP_DelegateTo instead of HD_DelegateTo

Page 67: After the table listing and before the new section, "Create Workflows", add the following text:
Create a new site content type named "General Purpose Delegate" based off the default SharePoint Item content type. Add the GP columns from table 4-4 to this new site content type.

Next, Create a new custom list named GP_Delegation. Configure this custom list to use the General Purpose Delegate site content type.

Page 73: Insert the following at the top of page 73 right before the paragraph that starts, "This utility workflow is almost a mirror image "
This workflow runs against the Helpdesk Ticket custom list that you created earlier. Just like the Update Delegate Key workflow you just finished creating, this utility workflow also runs automatically. Again, it's also useful to allow a manual start for debugging purposes.

Page 73: Step #1 should be amended to read as follows:
1. First, create two workflow variables named wfv_CalculatedKey and wfv_DelegatedUser.

Page 73: Figure 4-14 should show the variable "wfv_DelegatedUser" instead of "wfv_CalculatedKey". This change should be made in the "Find the List Item" section of the screen capture and lies just below the word "Field".

Page 73: The paragraph immediately after step #3 should replace "wfv_CalculatedKey" with "wfv_DelegatedUser".

Page 75: At the bottom of the page, step #5 should read:
5. Select HD_CategoryCode from Current Item.

Page 75: Figure 4-21: The full text in the screen capture should read:
[%Current Item:ID%];#[%Current Item:HD_CategoryCode%]

Page 76: The first sentence in the Assign Default Owner section should be amended as bolded:
The Assign Default Owner workflow leverages the Helpdesk Category Codes list to look up and assign a helpdesk administrator to work on the ticket.

Page 76: The 3rd paragraph in the "Assign Default Owner" section:
Replace the word "HD_Categories" in that sentence with "Helpdesk Category Codes"
(this is basically the same change as the previous bullet point)

Page 76: 4th paragraph:
Replace "HD_Categories" with "Helpdesk Category Codes"

Page 76: Figure 4-23:
In the screen capture, the "Data Source" should read "Helpdesk Category Codes" instead of "Helpdesk Categories"


ChuckCTG April 12th, 2012 11:04 AM

Chapter 5 Time Off Management
Mr. Galvin,

I see you have been very busy correcting errors. Thank you for those efforts.

I happen to be trying to get the Chapter 5 workflow to work. I hope you have plans of providing the same corrections for this chapter soon.

On a side note, I have a question regarding the Master Time Bank list as described. There is a field designated for VacationMAX as well as all the other categories, but the workflow never addresses that field. Is there a purpose for this field other than a reference to the manager or HR?

Thanks for your help.

adamoc September 25th, 2012 01:48 AM

Book Quality

I bought this book yesterday as the information and workflow structure appeared to be a goldmine, particularly since it is all explained using SP Designer and we are running a hosted Sharepoint system and therefore cannot use 3rd party coded solutions... Fantastic I thought...!!

I've spent all of today running through the book and have ended up here along with a large number of other readers because I can't believe how many details and steps are missing from the "walk throughs". I've downloaded the updated chapters available here and have tried to continue with Chapter 3 but even the updated content is still missing steps. After reading other posts here I can see that this problem appears to continue into later chapters.

Unfortunately I'm really disappointed with the book as it has a massive potential and I can see there is some fantastic information in there (I wish I knew as much as the author).. but the steps to actually put it all together are just plain missing (eg P47 Perform Initializations, between steps 2 and 3.. shouldn't there be another step here?).

I have lost heart with this book and will jump to one of the other Sharepoint books that I bought. I'm seriously considering taking this book back for a refund and getting my $60 back, as although it's a goldmine of information it gives you a broken plastic spoon with no handle to dig it out.

If there is a revised new addition available in the future then I'd certainly consider buying it..

Regards Adam

niting November 2nd, 2012 09:59 PM

Lookup Delegate Workflow-Helpdesk Ticketing (Chapter 4)
Dear Paul,

First of all, I appreciate that you've put major efforts towards resolving walk-through problems.

After spending so many days, I am still not able to resolved my issue...

Unfortunately, delegation part is not working. In Look up Delegate Workflow I am not able to retrieve value in wfv_DelegatedUser variable (ref. 4-14) from GP Delegation list although in Step 1 i.e. wfv_Calculated Key is getting value from HD_Category and HD_AssignedTo.

Could you please help me out what exactly I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance for your support.


lmbeals November 27th, 2012 11:19 AM

Why has this book not been pulled from the shelves?
Very frustrating to buy a book for $50 and struggle through exercises only to find out it is missing critical steps. I too am having trouble even with the rewrites. Maybe some people understand how to download the code posted on codeplex, but I have no idea how to open the files I downloaded. Since you knew of these problems over a year ago, it seems to me the publisher should have pulled from the shelvse to avoid frustrating more people.

JKKirsch January 24th, 2013 03:59 PM

@ Adamoc: which other SharePoint books did you buy/find? I haven't found very many on workflows and, like everyone else here, I thought this would be "the answer" but I am left with nothing but disappointment.

Thank you,

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