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cbugdalski February 12th, 2013 06:52 PM

Document Imaging Chapter 10
I would like to know if this chapter has worked for anyone in this forum? I've spent a considerable number of hours trying to resolve the issue(s) on my own using just the book and have been partially successful. The first part of the chapter deals with the input app, that's working just fine. The image retrieval part is too sketchy in some places for me. I've created the page in Sharepoint with the WebParts (Silverlight viewer) and the two search web parts, but I am receiving an error message when trying to serach the "Chapter 10" list for an item. The following message appears after searching for "Dell" from the advance search web part. This link appears in the address bar. Why would it be looking for a page named "result.aspx". The site does not contain a page with that name, and the Chapter makes no reference to it either, have I done something wrong?


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