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hotdogwmustard November 10th, 2015 02:01 AM

SharePoint 2010 Searching a custom contact list
My organization recently upgraded to SP2010, and is adamant about using only OOTB features.

Background: We have an on-site Call Center and the Agents here use a small standalone contacts list of custom entries (employees, departments, telephones, hours of operation, instruction on protocol, etc…) on our team site which they connect callers to or utilize the information.

The SP2007 search feature was disabled by our MIS department (before my employment) due to technical issues.

My way around this was to create a contact list and use an RSS feed linked to the list to search listings. All listings are present before an Agent types (so they can scroll thru the list if unable to find),
however doing searches this way at times will bring back false positive hits on entries… especially since our contact list is growing daily.

Ideally, I would like something similar to an RSS but where the search would only check certain columns in the entry. Not sure if this is a possibility or if it is something I can set parameters for…

Know factors:
I do not have access to Central Admin.
JQuery is not active
The contact list is not linked to AD

Is there a WP that I can modify to perform a similar search to RSS but more focused?

If not, what are the steps I need to make in order for SP2010 to be able to search my list using a WP I could put on the contacts page?

Please excuse my noobness

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