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AFAIK Cookies are set and operated at the client side. I am not sure about the cookies you mean for respective domains.

Where do you use the UserID actually? Where is it taken from? Do you store the user details in database? If so, Is the database server accessible from all the three domains/websites that you mean? If yes, then you can use the same database for all the three websites.

Are these three website that you say are interlinked. I mean is there a link provided in every website to switch to the other 2 websites?

May be you can use Session for this. Just a thought.

Once the user logs in to one website (say website A) with a UserId, you can set a session variable and maintain it throughout the website A, then when he tries to switch to website B, you can submit the session variable from Website A to Website B, check if the user is valid(only if you are able to connect to database server from all the 3 website) and then on validation set the session variable there in website B. This way you can maintian the same user roam around all the three websites.

Hope that helps

-Vijay G