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This too is a good solution.

When you say you are storing IP and UserId in a file, is that a Plain text file or anything else? If a plain text file, are you creating seperate files for every user and deleting the file as such, when the user logs off? If you create single text file and store all the IP/UserId details there for every active user, then deletion of the same when one logs off would be a tough job.


Are you are planning to store it in Database? If it is going to be in a database it is easy to manipulate when you wanted to delete the userId and IP records, when he logs off/time expires.

BTW, for time expiration functionality, I hope you are going to use session.

When you go for Session based solution, and the hitcount to the websites are huge, then I wont recommend you to go for it. As the sessions are stored in Server. But in you case, as there are three website, at any point of time, the User is going to be active on one website, I dont see any issues with it. But still you should consider the hitcount, if you wanted to go for this.

You should consider all factors and derive at a wise decision.

You also make me think.;) Thanks for that.

-Vijay G