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You may very well be right. I am a recent convertee from the world of Windows programming and am constantly surprised by the lack of some pretty simple functionality in the Web platform, not to mention the sheer difficulty of programming for it. Perhaps I am just lazy, but I don't think I should have to know three different languages to do LESS THAN I used to do in one. It baffles me how HTML ever came to be widely accepted when it appears to me a mish-mash of the most non-standard gobbledy-gook I've seen in 25 years of programming. Likewise, I don't understand how javascript has become the defacto standard for client side scripting and C# for server side, when VB is available for both and has been around so much longer. This is better? :(

Wah, wah, wah - I know. ;) I bring it all up only because that's why I ask apparently dumb questions - I could do this in Windows and there's so much that apparently can't be done in a browser no matter how much the end user might want it to. I wish somebody would publish a web site of all the stuff you CAN'T do in .NET, so I wouldn't promise stuff to my users that can't be done.

Happily, the end result of telling my users yet again that their desired feature couldn't be delivered in a Web system, this project was shifted to a Windows based solution. Ahhhh - that was like slipping back into an old pair of comfortable slippers after hiking ten miles uphill with a ski nailed to one foot and the other in bucket of cement. :D So this particular problem is no longer an issue to my project, and I am happy to say that I've gotten more done in the last two weeks than in the two months preceding it. With any luck it'll be several more months before I'll have to contemplate another ASP program.

Thanks to everybody who responded.