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I finally got it working, using the suggestion supplied by Imar. I believe the suggestion supplied by katsarosj would also work, but Imar's was shorter in both code and, I hope, processing time.

The crux of the problem, as far as I can tell, was that datarowview error, as suspected. I don't know why it kept think I was trying to reference such an object BUT I suspect it might've had something to do with trying to bind the combobox against a table in a dataset that contained other tables as well (even though no explicit or implicit relationships between the tables existed). The datarowview reference went away as soon as I created a new dataset for the table being bound to the combobox, and only placed the table I needed in that dataset. I'd never have guessed that was the problem (thanks to Microsoft for it's typically helpful error messages) but it was your suggestions that led me to try the processes in a simpler program, and the only difference I could find between the two was the complicated dataset in the program throwing the error.

Thanks to you both for your suggestions!