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one thing i had noticed was when i used the debug feature i placed it over CmdLine varible and it shows that [TBLITE.EXE CmdLine] was passed where as the other variables passed ok i am wondering if this could be my run time error 9 problem if so what can i do to split this. i tried using a comma to split it but this moves everything one spot in the command line area of make.exe area it is setup as such: TBLITE.EXE CmdLine, RAFFLEID, PASSWORD, FirstTicketNo, LastTicketNo

Dim strValuesFromCommandLine() As String
Dim CmdLine As String
Dim RAFFLEID As String
Dim PASSWORD As String
Dim FirstTicketNo As String
Dim LastTicketNo As String
Dim RAFFLEID1a As String

    Form1.WindowState = 0

 strValuesFromCommandLine() = Split(Command$, ", ")
 CmdLine = strValuesFromCommandLine(0)
 RAFFLEID = strValuesFromCommandLine(1)
 PASSWORD = strValuesFromCommandLine(2)
 FirstTicketNo = strValuesFromCommandLine(3)
 LastTicketNo = strValuesFromCommandLine(4)

thank you