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quote:Originally posted by sencee
 This is what i can deduct as the real code from what you said.... the problem i get is that it doesn't actualyl do the filter search, it just displays all the records that are in the faultaction table, and changes (in the oputput) all the faultIDs to the searched criteria

("SELECT f.FaultID, f.ReporterUsername, f.FaultType, fa.Status FROM fault AS f, faultaction AS fa WHERE f.FaultID='".$frm_search."'") or die(mysql_error());

but at least it is looking in the second table
Well, should it be "WHERE fa.FaultID='".$frm_search."'", then? Which table are you trying to filter against? You see, my suggestion was to alias fault AS f and faultaction AS fa, so fa.FaultID is the FaultID field from "faultaction ", while f.FaultID is the FaultID from "fault".

Is that any clearer?