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Thanks for your answers guys! If i set <deny users="?"/> I have no problem to launch my page. But maybe I was not thinking right in my problem. I'm going to explain: I have a form to submit a username and a password and what I want is to use the windows authentication (i mean, to use the networking authentication) to validate the submission by the user. I don't want to assume that the login used by the user when he logged in the machine will be the same used to access my page, because we want to let someone, that it's out of the his room to access the page from any computer in the company. Imagine, it's my computer and I logged this morning but I'm working with someone from another department and he needs to use the intranet and he uses my computer logged by me before. He access the intranet (with my login still in the computer) and access his working area there. To be able to do it he as to submit his login in the aspx page and the page will identify his login as a valid login because it's also a network login. I don't know if it is clear to you.

Any suggestions?


Elisa Resina
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